Top 5 Online Coding Courses

Posted on: Friday, May 18, 2018

Terabit specializes in web development and design, as well as app development and design. As simple as that may sound, behind the multiplicity of websites and apps is advanced code. Around 5 – 10 years ago, unless you were in software engineering, you likely didn’t know or hear much about coding. However, now code has become a skill that is taught in school and incorporated into children’s educational games.

Whether you’re an advanced coder or just wanting to learn the basics, an abundance of online coding courses exist. Check out these online courses that Terabit’s web developers recommend:

1. Code School

Code School, a Pluralsight Company, is great for a number reasons. It’s easy to follow, well organized, interesting to watch and suitable for beginners, as well as advance coders. You can select specific courses or you can follow a “path”, which guides you through the recommended course sequence. Sample learning paths can be seen below.

Cost: 10-day free trial, 15 free courses available, $29.00 USD/ month or $299.00 USD annually


2. Codecademy

With over 45 million users worldwide, Codecademy is a popular online coding course. Codecademy offers many of the basic courses for free, however, if you want more practice or to take a quiz for example, then you must pay for the upgraded account. The courses are easy to follow, as they are organized by language. Thus, users can select the language they would like to learn, such as JavaScript or SQL and then complete those modules.

Cost: free courses available, pro courses available for $19.99 for a monthly subscription

3. Treehouse

Treehouse offers a vast amount of services with web design and coding at the forefront. With 297 courses and 265 workshops, Treehouse has just about everything you’ll need to learn to code or to enhance your skills.

Cost: 7 day free trial, $25.00/month for basic plan, $49.00/month for pro plan


4. Lynda

Lynda is another very popular site for coding. It has excellent video tutorials that are accessible from multiple devices. Lynda also offers a variety of tutorials that don’t just include coding, but design, photography and marketing.

Cost: 30 day free trial, $19.99/month for basic plan, $29.99/month for the premium plan

5. Udemy

Udemy is a great option for those that are interested in learning all things tech and business. Udemy has thousands of courses that pertain to all different subjects. However, be prepared to search through quite a bit to find what you’re looking for, as there is just about everything on the website!

Cost: varies from $0 to $200.00

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