Snapchat Has Released New and Improved Spectacles

Posted on: Friday, April 27, 2018

The new Snapchat Spectacles are out and available for purchase! However, after a disappointing reaction the first time around, what makes these spectacles different from the last? Let’s take a look at the new and improved design.

For starters, Snapchat spectacles are sunglasses that have built-cameras for individuals to capture what is happening right before their eyes. The first design was launched on November 10, 2016.

When wearing the glasses, you can simply hold the glasses to take a photo, tap to take a 10-second video or double tap to take a 20-second video. The first version of the glasses weren’t too discrete, as camera on the lens had a bright yellow ring around. However, now the camera is much more conservative, as it only lights up when recording.

Source: Spectacles

As seen on the Spectacles website, the new sunglasses are much more neutral. The first version of the glasses were available in turquoise, coral and black. However, the second version of the glasses are much more subtle, available in onyx black, ruby red and sapphire blue. What’s more is that Snapchat Spectacles are water-resistant, so users can capture every essence of their life including the more adventurous activities and of course, the actual quality of the footage has improved.

Source: Android Authority

According to TechCrunch, syncing the Spectacles footage to your phone is now quite simple, as it just requires the user to connect to Bluetooth and HD footage is then exported via Specs’ internal wifi. However, to some consumers’ dismay, Spectacles footage can only be exported to Snapchat memories, which means users cannot export to other apps right away or simply to their phone’s camera roll.

Snapchat Spectacles are now available to purchase on their website and cost $199.99. According to TechChrunch, the product is currently only available to consumers in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom and France. Although, by the beginning of May, more consumers in varying countries will have access to them.


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