Microsoft to Provide Artificial Intelligence Courses

Posted on: Wednesday, April 4, 2018

It’s hard to deny the drastic increase of artificial intelligence (AI) that is being intertwined into our daily life. Along with the increase in AI products and services, however, follows the demand for the amount of people in the workforce with Artificial Intelligence knowledge. On Monday, Microsoft announced that they are “aiming to fill a skills gap” and in turn, launching an online program that offers courses to improve AI skills and knowledge.

According to the software giant’s blog post, the newest track to their online courses will be offered not only to software engineers, but to the general public, so anyone can expand their knowledge regarding AI and data algorithms. The program will offer valuable skills and knowledge applicable in real world settings and those who pass the courses will receive certificates verifying their success.

Microsoft stated there will be 9 different tracks that each take approximately 8-16 hours to complete and focus on teaching a variety of skills, including the know how, ethics and programming surrounding artificial intelligence. In addition, according to Engadget, enrolees will have three months to complete each course once it has begun.

The prices of the course have not yet been disclosed. However, this does seem like a beneficial tool and program for those interested in strengthening their AI skill set and resume. Furthermore, with the prevalence of AI in today’s technology, it makes sense for large software companies to assist in the transformation by educating current and aspiring software engineers.

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