Instagram Emulates Snapchat ‘Snapcode’ with ‘Nametags’

Posted on: Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Snapchat and Instagram are two social media platforms that were created for varying purposes, but now share quite a few similarities and are often caught emulating each other. Stories, facial recognition filters, tags and so on are simple examples of the similarities between Instagram and Snapchat.

Just when user’s thought the two apps couldn’t get more similar, TechCrunch announced the launch of Instagram Nametags. Nametags allows users to provide an image with a link to their profile and in turn, others can use their story camera to scan the image to easily follow the user. This concept likely sounds familiar to Snapchat users, whom are used to utilizing the ‘snapcode’ feature that can be scanned to follow friends more efficiently on the app.

Source: TechCrunch 
Via: Josh Constine

Nametags allow Instagram users to create a customizable tag for their profile, using a selfie, filter or emoji. Instagram will provide a Nametag button on the top of the user’s profile, which will display the customizable tag for others to scan, making it easier for individual users and businesses to gain followers.

It is not clear when the feature will be rolling out to all users, but we will keep you posted with updates regarding Nametags.

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