How Your Business Could Benefit From a Mobile App

Posted on: Tuesday, July 17, 2018

With fewer consumers browsing the web via desktop and increasingly more using the Internet on phones or tablets, it’s no secret that mobile apps have revolutionized the digital world and businesses.

A responsive or mobile-friendly website is no longer an optional feature, but a necessity for remaining relevant online. As technology evolves, however, mobile-friendly websites may not be enough, as consumers are already gravitating towards the convenience of mobile apps.

However, one misconception is that mobile apps are for large businesses, though this is far from actuality. Businesses of any size may benefit from a mobile app for many different reasons that are discussed below.

Enhance Customer Service

Convenience is key, which is why mobile apps can be so effective in providing enhanced communication between you and your clientele. It is quite common for mobile apps to offer in-app help desks and chat support for assistance. The instant communication between your business and consumer could be what sets you a part from the competition.

Increase Accessibility

Mobile applications offer great flexibility, as they are available to users 24/7. Users can access your app with the touch of a button, which may not sound like much, but it saves them the hassle of constantly searching for your business and additional information online. In addition, according to Cyber Gear, 80% of the time spent on mobile devices is spent using apps.

Build Strong Brand Recognition

An app is another digital outlet to display all your business has to offer and in turn, enhance your online exposure and visibility. Furthermore, brand recall can be increased via push notifications from the app.’s developers and designers have extensive experience not only creating mobile-friendly websites, but mobile applications. has seen first hand the importance of going mobile. The team can develop mobile applications for Android, iOS and Blackberry, as well as Windows Mobile platforms and app stores.

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