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Posted on: Friday, September 22, 2017

Upgrades and improvements in personal and home security are always being released on the market. Especially in today’s society of ‘smart’ devices, there is a unique need for everything to be more connected, and this does not stop at one’s small personal devices, but to appliances, machinery, and even our homes and vehicles. Recently, there has been a huge market for smart technology relating to home security, such as keypads, locks, doorbells, front door cameras, and much more. Some of the perks include key-less entry; meaning friends, family, cleaners, etc., can enter your home without always in possession of a key.

Further, many companies allow the lock and keypad to be directly connected to a user’s phone, meaning they receive notifications and live updates for when their door is opened and closed, locked and unlocked, and further allows you to lock the door from your workplace, or the grocery store, if you forgot to do so.

Another popular device is a doorbell cam, that shows the homeowner who is ringing the doorbell, standing on the front porch, or what time a package was delivered. Even more interesting, the device is programmed with speakers and audio, so you can speak to whomever is at your door when you aren’t physically present. These products are becoming very successful, so it is no surprise that larger companies are wanting to collaborate with smart lock makers to create a mutually beneficial business idea.

Enter Walmart, who reached out to August, a smart lock company in the US. The idea is simple: online orders placed through Walmart.com will be shipped and delivered to your doorstep as per usual, except the delivery person will now be able to enter your home to drop off the package, and if you ordered cold or frozen food, they will place it directly in the fridge or freezer. How convenient!

To ensure ultimate safety, homeowners will be able to watch the entire delivery unfold in real time from their smartphone. The code given to the delivery service will also only work one time, so re-entry is not a risk. Walmart currently uses delivery service ‘Deliv’ which began through Sam’s Club last year.

Experts say that this is just the beginning of what we will start to see as the battle between companies like Walmart and Target face against e-commerce giant Amazon.

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