Google’s Digital Wellbeing Features Now Available for Beta Testing

Posted on: Tuesday, August 7, 2018

As consumers become increasingly concerned and aware of the drawbacks from digital technologies, tech giants have had to adjust and commit to a greater role in promoting “digital wellness”. Google is one of the many companies that have announced their efforts in creating platforms with greater transparency for consumers.

In May, The Verge reported that Google would be launching wellness features along with the release of Android 9 Pie, which was launched just yesterday. The Digital Wellbeing features are not yet available on the new OS update; however, individuals with Google Pixel devices running on Android 9 Pie are able to sign up for the “Android Digital Wellbeing Data” by clicking here. According to Digital Trends, the wellness update will be widely released sometime in the fall.

Google has made their commitment to Digital Wellbeing known and in turn, the company is offering quite a variety of tools for Android users to better gauge how much time they’re truly spending on their phone. Google has created an analytical dashboard that encourages individuals to reflect upon their phone and technology usage. As Google stated, the dashboard provides Android users with generic information regarding phone usage, including the number of times the phone has been unlocked, the amount of notifications received and a breakdown of time spent on each app.

Photo Source: Google

In addition to the dashboard, other features include personalizing updates, snoozing alerts, Do Not Disturb mode, Smart Reply and App Timers that limit the amount of time spent on each app.

Similar updates have also been integrated into Apple’s iOS 12 update. The updates provide consumers with the opportunity to better understand how they are affected by their phone and then make the changes they deem necessary and applicable to their daily routine.

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