Flipboard Expands Tech Platform

Posted on: Tuesday, April 24, 2018

As you may recall, Terabit has mentioned “Flipboard” in quite a few of our tips & tricks blog posts. Flipboard is a website/app that aggregates varying news updates for users to skim and flip through. Essentially, Flipboard is the modern newspaper – fully online, but contains the most recent news regarding everything from Tech to Travel.

Source: Flipboard.com

Tech Website, The Verge, reported that Flipboard has updated and expanded their platform. More specifically, Flipboard is furthering its Technology sector, which of course is exciting for all the tech enthusiasts like us! As The Verge stated, the tech section on Flipboard will include a more diverse assortment of curated articles and product recommendations to browse through. Flipboard’s Tech followers can expect to see stories, books, videos and more that recommended by publishers. In turn, this generates a more e-commerce feel, as profits are generated from affiliate links.

Source: Flipboard.com

In addition, users will be granted the ability to send stories privately to colleagues or friends through Flipboard. Team Magazine aims to bring colleagues together to discuss important topics. It also appears to be a way to attract loyal and frequent users.

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