Firefox Monitor to Alert Users if Their Account Has Been Hacked

Posted on: Friday, June 29, 2018

Internet users are becoming increasingly concerned about their privacy on the Internet, and rightfully so. With Internet-related crimes on the rise and major tech companies, like Facebook, being exposed for major security and data breaches, it is no surprise that Internet users are uneasy.

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Mozilla has designed Firefox Monitor, which is a security tool that allows Firefox users to test their accounts to determine whether their data has been breached or not. According to an article in Digital trends, Firefox has partnered with the well-known database for compromised emails, (HIBP).  Firefox Monitor will integrate HIBP into its services, as users can easily enter their email address to discover if their account has been breached.

According to Mozilla’s blog post, user’s who input their email address should not have any privacy concerns. In collaboration with HIBP and Cloudfare, anonymous  data sharing for Firefox Monitor has been created, meaning no data will be shared with any party other than Mozilla itself.

According to Mozilla, the service is going to be initially tested by 250,000 users, majority of them being US residents. Then, after a significant amount of testing Firefox Monitor will roll out the service to all Firefox users.

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