Apple Launches Global Creative Initiative

Posted on: Wednesday, April 26, 2017

On April 25th, 2017, Apple launched, “Today at Apple”, an educational initiative that will offer courses, performances and labs in stores. By the end of May, 2017, Apple will be adding numerous educational offerings to their stores located around the globe.


Apple’s Senior Vice President of Retail stated in their website announcement, “‘Today at Apple’ is one of the ways we’re evolving our experience to better serve local customers and entrepreneurs. We’re creating a modern-day town square, where everyone is welcome in a space where the best of Apple comes together to connect with one another, discover a new passion, or take their skill to the next level. We think it will be a fun and enlightening experience for everyone who joins”.

As of right now, Apple has presented 60 different sessions that will be offered.  Among the 60 are these four unique courses:

  • Coding sessions will provide an interactive and interesting coding introduction through the instructions of professional code developers.
  • Perspectives and Performances will spotlight varying artistic professionals, in which they will discuss their creative process or perform live.
  • Studio Hours will provide 90 minute sessions regarding topics, such as art, design and presentations that are hosted by Creative Pros. Additionally, participants are encouraged to bring in personal projects to receive recommendations.
  • Kids Hour aims to prompt imagination and creativity while teaching valuable skills.

Customers are able to sign up for the varying sessions (that will be finalized in May) for free on the Apple website. Attendance will be limited, so it’ll be best to sign up in advance!

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