4 Tips for a Successful Trade Show

Posted on: Friday, May 11, 2018

This past week, Terabit attended the 2018 Canada’s Building Trades Union Conference in Gatineau, Quebec. Terabit has been designing the CBTU event registration software for the past two years. However, this year we attended the conference as an exhibitor and thoroughly enjoyed the chance to speak to inspiring and hard-working individuals. In addition, we also gained extremely valuable insight to ensure positive results.

Are you interested in participating in a trade show/ conference? Or have you already attended and you’re wondering how to achieve greater results? Take a look at some of our tips  for generating the greatest return on investment at trade shows.

1. Promotional Giveaways

Something as small as pens on the table attracts attendees and sparks conversation. As small as this gesture may seem, everyone could use a pen – especially when it’s free! Giving the attendees an item that displays your brand name or logo, increases brand recognition and recall, as they are constantly reminded of the brand name and more likely to reach out in the future. 

Incentives vary depending on what kind of business you are, nonetheless, they are still beneficial. Try offering a discount off your services or a contest to win a product for those who fill out your web form or leave their business card. You can either draw one winner or select a few – either way you have gained a significant amount of leads and they will be more motivated to use your services or buy your product in the future.

2. Custom Display

Get your brand name out there and make it memorable! Having as many items that display your logo and/or brand name will make it that much more interesting and easier for attendees to recognize and recall.

3. Interactive Material

Conferences and trade shows can be long and repetitive – make it more interesting by providing interactive material. For example, as a web and app development company, we wanted to show off the websites and apps we developed and designed for our clients. Thus, we had tablets, laptops and a monitor displaying our creative works. If you have some interactive material to show attendees, be sure to display it and stand out from the other exhibitors.

4. Follow-Up

Chances are, you’ll be receiving quite a few leads and business cards at the trade show or conference. However, the attendees will be speaking to a lot of exhibitors as well, so be sure to jot down some information on each person you spoke to and follow-up by email or phone as soon as the conference/ trade show is complete.

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