1Password Releases New Password Security Tool

Posted on: Friday, February 23, 2018

Creating passwords has become more of a complicated task. As most of you have experienced, passwords now require a number, upper case letter, symbol and so on. However, with the ever-prevalent problem of computer hacking, how are we to know if these passwords are in fact secure?

There are many different password management tools, as discussed in our previous blog. However, 1Password, password management tool, has released new software that allows users to create a completely original password. The new application integrates a new database called, “Pwned Passwords”. This database provides users with the ability to check if their chosen password has already been breached onto the internet.

How does it work? According to Pwned Passwords creator, Troy Hunt’s blog post, the database has over 500 million passwords that have been compromised. However, this does not mean that Hunt has access to each password that is tested by the user. The Verge reported that the password management tool is secure, as the password is hashed and sends only the first 5 characters of the 40 character assortment.  From there, any passwords from the Pwned Passwords database that contains the same first five characters, are then flagged. However, it should be noted that Hunt stated that you should never enter your current passwords into any password management tools.

The password checking system is available for 1Password members.

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