About Terabit.ca

Terabit.ca was established in 2000 for one main purpose; to simplify the web by handling the process of developing and maintaining company websites ourselves!

Since then we have expanded our services, and we now specialize in website design and development, web maintenance, web hosting, mobile app development, online marketing and SEO.

We also offer consulting and maintenance packages. Our mission is to solve your problems and fulfill your business needs by delivering innovative online business solutions through agile, unique and high performing web development. With dedicated and experienced developers, we can ensure nothing less than excellence.

At Terabit.ca we believe in maintaining lasting relationships with our customers. We have a casual, friendly atmosphere, and we make a point of keeping an open communication line by listening to our client’s concerns and desires every step of the way.

A Message from our founder Jamie Beck

While attending the University of Ottawa for my Computer Engineering degree, I discovered not only a passion for software development, but also for entrepreneurship.

My dream was to run my own web development company, so I decided to establish Terabit.ca in 2000. With over 15 years of experience solving complex problems from scaling existing systems to defending against cyber-attacks, I always strive to please my clients. I thrive at the opportunity to solve difficult issues, and I have built a team of dedicated and talented developers to help me implement the optimal solution for each project.

In my opinion success isn’t just about getting the job done, but going above and beyond to ensure my clients are excited with the results. I strongly believe in building and maintaining meaningful relationships with my clients. I continue to this day to stick to my vision of delivering innovative online business solutions to customers through agile, unique, and high performing web development.