Uniting Google Calendar and Microsoft Exchange

Posted on: Monday, July 31, 2017

Today, many companies are caught between using Microsoft Exchange as well as Google G Suites for business communication. G Suite is an element of Google Cloud that combines Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar into one easy to access location, accessible from anywhere. Similarly, Microsoft Outlook is the email function available with Microsoft Office. Unfortunately, the two services were never exactly compatible, until now.

Google offers the advanced feature ‘Find a Time’ to schedule meetings with others who are accessible inside the same G Suite domain, typically, your work group. Likewise, Microsoft’s Outlook Scheduling Assistant will provide users with a tool that allows them to easily organize important meetings with many people. The problem in the past was that companies needed to use both applications separately.


Google created a feature, available for download through Android, iOS, and Google systems, that will allow users to sync data from their Microsoft account to their Google calendar. This certainly makes scheduling much easier for users working with both systems at once.

Although this has just been announced, Google stated that the full roll-out of the new feature will be available in the following few days.

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