Understanding Twitter Threads

Posted on: Friday, January 5, 2018

Unlike many other social media sites, Twitter is primarily for individuals to speak their mind, through writing short messages visible to their followers and the public in a limited amount of characters. Recently, the character limit increased from 140 characters to a substantial 280 characters – allowing users to express themselves more within a single tweet.

You will often notice on twitter that accounts will go on tangents regarding one specific subject, often referred to as rants, or threads. These can be with regards to anything, and they can be informative, provocative, opinionated, or persuasive. However, language used on twitter can contain a large amount of slang, especially when a user is attempting to cram all their thoughts and ideas into a limited number of characters. For this reason, these twitter threads can at times be difficult to follow.

Thread Reader App (@threadreaderapp) is a twitter bot that more clearly deciphers complicated threads for the everyday individual to understand. How does it work? According to a TechCrunch article, the bot “unrolls” the threads into a level of English that is of common understanding to all generations. It is very easy to do as well: all someone needs to do is either reply to a twitter thread or quote tweet a portion of the thread with the bot’s twitter handle and the keyword ‘unroll’. There is even a chrome extension available so that the process can be completed in a shorter amount of typing and clicking.

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