The Internet of Things

Posted on: Thursday, August 17, 2017

Let us talk about the phenomenon that is ‘The Internet of Things’, or IoT. The concept is not complicated: IoT represents the interconnection of devices and applications over the internet, and the ability for them to interact with one another. Some common examples we see in our everyday lives are ‘smart’ technologies – smart phones, smart TVs, smart dishwashers, etc. You may have even heard of the ‘smart fridge’ phenomenon that can determine when you are running out of an item, when the expiry date is approaching, or what recipes can be used with the ingredients available in your fridge.


The IoT is going much further than just smart appliances, however. Soon, we may expect to see smart cities, and we will eventually live in a smart world. This could mean anything from traffic light systems to farming to construction.

As our world becomes more global, the cost of connecting users decreases. This globalization has allowed technology and wifi to be more prominent in developing countries, and has created stronger relationships between people and things. Essentially, the amount of human effort required to accomplish tasks will be next to nothing, because common household devices will be able to communicate with one another to make your day flawless. A smart fridge is just one example. Some believe we will see the day where your morning alarm clock will alert the coffer maker to run, the fridge will assemble your breakfast ingredients, the car will turn on and drive you to work itself, etc.


Of course, this is not a reality that will occur in the next few months, but one day it may be. There will be security issues to deal with, and the technology will no doubt be expensive at first, but this is a future that many of us will live to see.

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