Shopify Burst: A Free Stock Image Search Engine

Posted on: Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Unless you have a great web designer creating your webpages and content for your business’ social media pages, creating and finding relevant images can be extremely difficult. Whether you’re searching for an image to use on a blog post or to use within the home page of your business’ website, you may run into royalty fees or sourcing issues.  Henceforth, Shopify Burst, a free stock photography website.

Screen Shot 2017-04-05 at 11.08.35 AMShopify’s new stock image website displays various photographs, completely royalty free. Therefore, the photographs can be altered, modified and used however one wishes to do so.  The artists of specific pictures are featured, so the user can mention and give credit to the owner if they desire to.

Furthermore, the photos featured on the website are divided into three categories to make image searching more efficient. The three categories specified are; New Photos, Popular Collections and Business Ideas.  The Popular Collection features specific categories, such as fitness, food and yoga. Whereas, Business Ideas not only provides photos, but insight and advice regarding the process of selling certain items.

Although Shopify’s Burst webpage does not offer an extraordinary amount of stock images, several pictures of varying categories can be found, thus making it a great image search forum.  Additionally, the tool can be of use to startup businesses needing extra image content and recommendations on selling said products.

What are your thoughts on Shopify’s new stock photography resource?

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