Our Key to Customer Satisfaction

Posted on: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Terabit.ca has recognized the need for innovative online business solutions and our mission is to deliver quality through agile and high performing website development. However, what is it that we actually do that differentiates us from other web development companies?

Mainly, Terabit.ca consists of a small, diverse team. Our team is client-focused and fosters important relationships to ensure customer satisfaction. This client-based approach is implemented through our agile web development process. Essentially, we aim to keep an open communication line with our clients through every step of the development process. To deliver the best results possible, we ensure our client’s input is heard throughout the whole process, rather than just at the end. If our clients are satisfied and happy with every aspect of their project, then we know we have done our job!

Check out this quick summary of our agile web development process!


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