New G Suite Applications to Create Work-Life Balance

Posted on: Friday, July 6, 2018

As we enter the month of July, more and more people are taking their summer vacations and of course, Google is there to help with the release of new G-Suite features that are useful during vacation time.

Out of Office Update

Google announced on their blog a new Google Calendar feature that allows users to select the dates they are unavailable, by simply creating events with the “Out of Office” tag. The feature is fully customizable, so users can set a decline message and monitor the visibility. The event won’t appear as a typical message, as it is meant to stand out from other events.

Once the “out of office” event is set, Google Calendar will automatically decline meeting or event invites during that time period. In turn, colleagues requesting to meet with your during your time out of the office will receive the personalized message that was set.


Work Hours Update

In addition to the vacation time, users can also set their working hours and as Google stated, this will make it easier to differentiate your personal life and professional life. It works by notifying the user’s colleagues that they are not available when a meeting or event is scheduled outside their working hours. While user’s were able to set working hours for a single period of time before, now they will be able to set different hours for each day of the week and in turn, Google will infer your working hours based on previous scheduling patterns.

These new features are now available for all G Suite users to enjoy!

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