New App Limits Filter Bubbles on Reddit

Posted on: Friday, April 6, 2018

Whether it was before of after the Cambridge Analytica scandal, many internet users have realized that a considerable amount of promotional collateral and information is specifically tailored to one’s interests and previous search history. While this may benefit users in some ways, it also has numerous consequences, as internet users are exposed to the same information and opinions, making it difficult to develop unbiased opinions.

Although this problem appears to be quite prevalent, unfortunately, major tech companies aren’t doing much to solve it. However, a new app has come to surface called Burst. Burst aims to remove people from the filter bubble that often blindly traps people online. 


Burst’s target right now is Reddit. Rather than having users only read the subreddits they select to view, Burst discovers the various subreddits and combines all the comments and insights into one. Doing so will allow users to view the post from different perspectives, despite whether they agree with what is being said or not. In turn, users will not be confined to a limited bubble on Reddit, and rather gain from the addition of more insight and knowledge from others that they wouldn’t have seen before.

The app boasts useful features, such as force touch, a minimalistic design, quick swipes and a unified search.

The app is available to iOS users for free. However, it is currently in beta for android users.

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