Mozilla Releases Open Software for Smart Devices

Posted on: Wednesday, February 7, 2018

With the prevailing nature of The Internet of Things (IoT), it is no wonder we now have an excessive amount of smart home products, including Google Home, Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa and so on. With all of these options and constant upgrades, how are users to choose? While purchase decisions may be based on brand preference or certain favoured characteristics, there is another factor consumers closely consider – compatibility. One major issue with the abundance of IoT devices and applications is the interconnection between varying devices from different brands. Hence, why Mozilla came in.

Just today, Mozilla announced a new “Project Things” launch, which is an open structure of software for connecting consumers’ devices to the web. In turn, this aims to solve the compatibility issues between smart devices. This may be of attractiveness not only to consumers, but other software engineers, as it may not be ideal for tech companies taking over the IoT world.

According to their blog post, Mozilla is aiming to generate a “decentralized” environment for IoT that enforces secure networks and privacy settings. By creating open networks for IoT devices, consumers will have more of a say in the process and in turn, eliminate the dominance of powerful tech companies. Additionally, rather than having multiple apps to connect to smart devices, there can be just one simple web interface for control.

Henceforth, Mozilla’s Web of Things Gateway eliminates the need for smart devices like Google Home, Amazon Echo, and so on. Instead, Mozilla is proposing those devices can be replaced with an open device. In fact, today, anyone with a Raspberry Pi single board computer is able to create their own open device. If this is of interest to you, check out this post to learn how to build your own open network – thanks to Mozilla.

While Mozilla’s “Project Things” has previously been of more interest to developers, they have ensured that the creation of the new Web of Things Gateway is very user friendly.



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