Move Over Slack: The Latest in Team Messaging Platforms

Posted on: Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Over the past few years, many businesses have made use of an application called Slack – a team communication and messaging platform that connects all employees, manages them in different groups, and allows easy discussion within the entire workplace.


There are quite a few reasons for why Slack has become such a powerful communication tool. It reduces email traffic that can quickly clog up inboxes, it serves as a direct method of communication for teams who may not always be located in the same place, or who work in different time-zones or on different shifts. Further, employees now have the option to chat in a much less formal fashion than regular email would allow. This can serve to increase the team bond and overall communication as it increases comfort level and encourages easy participation. Finally, Slack can be a huge time saver since it keeps all messages, posts, documents, and data in one place.

However, one key missing piece that Slack does not have is the ability to incorporate email into the chat app. This is where Redkix comes into play. The latest application allows communication to be both internal and external: through team specific channels, as well as email communication to third parties. Threaded conversations can be moved into emails, and vice-versa to ensure everyone remains in the loop.


The main improvement with Redkix is that it allows users to do everything they need within one app, instead of switching between Slack and email for co-workers and customers. In this day and age, simplicity and ease of access is key. Redkix launched its public beta today, and the premium program will be available in the private beta. This could become the new tool to have for integrated team communication.

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