Microsoft Introduces Azure Stack

Posted on: Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Earlier today, Microsoft announced the launch of its Azure Stack Development Kit – a free single server kit now available for download. Microsoft Azure is a cloud service that allows IT users to manage applications. With Stack, the core elements of Azure are remodeled for use on-location through your workplace’s datacentre. This is what is known as a hybrid cloud development: the flexible combination of cloud computing paired with your specific environment.



The main reasoning for Stack comes from customer demand relating to remaining in control of data, and usually having to do so in a controlled datacentre environment. These traditional demands deter users from the public cloud, which is why a hybrid cloud could be the ultimate solution.

Some other factors that make this new service more appealing include the flexible payment schedule, which is centred around pay per use, an interesting method as it means that Microsoft will not receive payment unless developers actually use the service. Further, Microsoft’s partners will offer their products with systems that are compatible with Stack, creating an easy to use application.

Microsoft stated that its hardware partners will begin implementing Azure Stack within their integrated systems in September 2017.

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