iOS 11 Improves Slide Over and Split View

Posted on: Friday, July 7, 2017

Working on your iPad while commuting just got a whole lot easier.  Apple’s iOS 11 incorporates an updated Slide Over and Split View, that makes multi-tasking much simpler.

Essentially the Slide Over feature allows you to have a second app on either side of your screen that is displayed as the size of an iPhone. Additionally, users are able to hide it so it is not displayed. This feature is handy when you need to check something quickly in another app without exiting the app you’re currently using.


Next, Split View allows users to have two apps displayed next to each other on your iPad. Additionally, users are able to decide the orientation and split portions.

Apple has updated these functions to be a lot more convenient for users.  Now, Slide Over and Split View allow users to drag pictures, documents, URLs, you name it, between apps, and work with 3 apps displayed on the screen at once.

To discover which iPads support this feature check out this link here!

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