Google News Receives a Major AI Update

Posted on: Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Google News looks slightly different, as it receives a major update combining many of Google’s services.  Just a week ago, Google posted a blog regarding the update that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence (AI) to better understand each user’s search preferences.

Google stated that the revamped platform uses AI technology that constantly pulls information from the web, in real time, to formulate stories for readers.


For You

According to The Verge, Google News will incorporate a “For You” section that selects 5 articles Google believes you will be most interested in. The five articles consist of local and global news, as well as updates for stories you have been closely observing. This feature has more of a Flipboard feel, as the articles are customized and vary for each user. Of course, the more you use it, the more effective the search capabilities are.


Google also stated that they are playing around with a new visual feature called newscasts. Newscasts uses natural language to display a variety of news material, such as videos or photos from various sources and perspectives of one particular topic.

Full Coverage

Full coverage is another new, helpful feature that works by simply clicking “view full coverage” on each story that is posted. This feature assists in preventing the ever-prevalent issue of filter bubbles, which tend to limit what you see online. Thus, by viewing a variety of stories from different perspectives, users will be able to formulate their own opinion based on the plethora of information.


Newsstand isn’t anything new, however, it is now integrated into Google News and has its own tab. In turn, Newsstand app users will find that their app has been replaced with the revamped Google News.

These changes are by no means drastic, however, they do help integrate all the unique aspects of Google into one platform.

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