Google Launches New Social App, “Neighbourly”

Posted on: Friday, June 1, 2018

If you have a quick question or need a recommendation on let’s say, tonight’s dinner reservations, chances are a quick Google search will help you out. But, as cities constantly change, grow and evolve, will Google be able to keep up?

This was the mindset of the developers behind Google’s new app, Neighbourly, which was released for Beta testing just yesterday! According to Google, in big cities across India, for example, it is extremely difficult to keep up with the changes and in turn, provide adequate answers to Google questions. In turn, Neighbourly acts as an outlet and source for retrieving information on your community, from none other than the people that know your community best, your neighbours. As Google states, users can then act as a local expert, ask questions or simply stay updated with the neighbourhood.

Source: The Verge

According to The Next Web, the limited beta test will be available for people living in Mumbai, India’s largest city. This app definitely has the potential to benefit many communities, making it one to watch in the future!

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