Google Keyboard Application to Have over 300 Languages

Posted on: Friday, March 9, 2018

Google has been developing a third-party application, Gboard, which is an alternative keyboard app for mobile devices. In addition, Google has been testing a more advanced Gboard in beta that allows users to search and send anything from Google, type messages using voice recognition and use multiple languages in one message.

According to Techcrunch, Google’s Gboard app is undergoing another significant update. G-board has added an additional 20 languages and now supports more than 300 languages, which will be first available on Gboard for Android phones.

The launch of new languages follows the announcement Google made about their integration into iOS. Google’s search engine is now integrated into iMessage, so users can quickly search the web and share what they find with their contacts via iMessage. While the success of Gboard has yet to be determined, it is evident that Google is taking a step in the right direction to increase integration with mobile devices to provide users with quick access to Google.

Google is targeting Android users with this update and it will be rolling out the new languages to Android users shortly! We look forward to seeing the next steps Google takes towards Gboard.

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