Google Gears Up for the 2018 Winter Olympics

Posted on: Friday, February 9, 2018

Today, February 9th, marks the beginning of the 2018 winter Olympics in PyeongChang. As the world comes together to cheer on athletes during this exciting time, Google has reported on their blog that they have implemented six varying ways to ensure Olympic enthusiasts never miss a beat

Firstly, when a search term incorporates key words relating to the olympics, an abundance of information on the events will appear, ranging from medal counts to athlete bios. In addition, users can view videos that provide a brief synopsis of the day in PyeongChang. Google will be using the user’s location to provide accurate results on the country they’re situated in.

Furthermore, the search engine will be featuring YouTube videos, so viewers can experience all the exciting moments in the winter games, incase they happened to miss them on television. These video highlights will be available on YouTube in over 80 countries, provided by official Olympic broadcasters, such as NBC, BBC and Eurosport.

Another Olympic feature includes the integration of a “sports” feature on Google Earth Voyager, providing users with an educational experience. This aspect features five different Olympic stories that bring you from destination to destination. In addition, Google Street View now presents pictures of the stadiums and nearby towns in PyeongChang.

Google didn’t stop there, however. More exciting features include help from Google Assistant, as the smart device will be ready to answer all questions relating to the 2018 Olympics. Lastly, virtual reality coverage is available for YouTube TV subscribers. To do so, users can simply log into their YouTube TV information to enter the NBC Sports VR App.

Will you be keeping up date with the Olympics using these new Google features?

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