Google Announces a Local News App in the Works

Posted on: Tuesday, January 30, 2018

The amount of people using the internet as their news source has increased greatly. Now, just about any social media platform incorporates some sort of local news feed, often incorporating live, real time videos. With this trend shift, tech giants have been adjusting accordingly.

Just last year, Google updated their site to include a community news section featuring local news stories and major headlines around the globe. However, they’re taking their news section one step further with the release of Bulletin.

Although Bulletin isn’t up and running yet, you can check out their website that reveals a small amount of information.

According to Google, the community news addition is a free app that supports photos, live videos and written work.  Users are able to upload news content without the hassle of creating a blog post, which can be time consuming and sometimes ineffective when sharing local news in real time. Instead, Bulletin allows for municipal news to be shared from the perspective of civilians, promoting different voices and perspectives around local communities.

Bulletin is only available right now for early access in few cities, including Nashville, Tennessee and Oakland, California. While we don’t have the launch date, will keep you updated with Bulletin release details.

It will be interesting to see the success and popularity of Bulletin, from Google, as many social media users have adapted to reporting and viewing local news on Facebook and Twitter.

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