Getting Organized for Back to School

Posted on: Friday, September 8, 2017

It’s that time of year again. As September comes into full swing, kids, students, parents, and adults are returning to school and work. This season represents many things, and a fresh start for a new school year is one of them. It is all too easy to say that this year will be different than the last, that you will stay on top of your work, be more organized and productive. Yet, each year tends to be just the same as the last.


So, let’s change this! Take a look at some of the newest and most popular apps available to help keep you organized and on top of all your daily, weekly, and monthly tasks. We check out the ratings for each app based on an analysis done by The Verge.


First, we have ‘WeDo‘ created by Onus Inc.  This app allows the user to customize the features to their needs, making it very basic, or more complicated based on schedule and personal preference. The app has a free and paid version, but many of the features are available in the unpaid one. The app states that its focus is on personal tasks, and it boasts a personal application task manager. However, the app understands that group work is common, and so it has a collaboration feature, allowing multiple participants to see and complete tasks. It has a solid notification system, with reminders, due dates, and a repetitive task feature. That’s not all! You can also divide tasks into categories and subtasks, keep track of habits, and the app will estimate how long it will take to complete a given task. The Verge rates this app an 8/10.


Next, check out ‘Remember the Milk‘. This app has been around for a while, and so it has been able to add new features based on customer need. Like Wedo, RTM has subtasks, which also contain reminders, due dates, and priorities. The app also creates Smart Lists – the app will create new lists based on things like priority level, or due date. Searching tasks is easy in the app, since you can search by name, due date, tags, priority level, or a combination. The Verge rates this app an 8/10.


Also on the list is ‘OmniFocus‘, from OmniGroup. The cool thing about this app is that it allows users to change the view into different perspectives – whether it be planning, doing, or just a simple overview. Since this app is compatible on all your devices, it syncs automatically and a user can simply swipe to see their entire day and tasks laid out for them. It also has a free and Pro version, but the best features are only available on Pro, which is a hefty $80. Some think the price tag is well worth it for the vast amount of customization available to the individual. Again, the Verge rates this app 8/10.


Lower on the list, we have the more standard and well-know Microsoft To-Do. It is basic, to the point, and very easy to use. Any Microsoft user can easily download the application to their laptop, and connect it to Outlook and other apps. It has two different views, a My Day view and a To-Do list view. Themes and priorities can also be customized. The Verge rates this app 7/10.


Similarly, ‘Any.Do‘ is another aesthetically pleasing app that has gotten great reviews. It is a 3 part organizer, provider a calendar, a to-do list, and an assistant. The design is clean and crisp, making it very attractive to users. It is also compatible with Google, Microsoft, and Apple operating systems and devices. Like the others, there is an option for a paid subscription, but the majority of features are free. The Verge rates this app 7.5/10.


Last but not least, we have the top ranked app – ‘Todoist‘ by doist. The app keeps track of a user’s tasks, projects, and goals and is updated on all devices. It is perfect for personal, work, or school use. Like the others, it has a combination of features, including collaboration, and ease of access. A big selling feature is the distraction-free design, meaning no ads, big fonts, and bold colours will be present to take away from the core lists. The other is the unique way of showing you what you have on your plate – your day, your week, and what you haven’t yet started. It got the best rating: 9/10.

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