Facebook’s Workplace Updates

Posted on: Friday, October 6, 2017

Almost one year ago today, Facebook announced the launch of Workplace, it’s social media platform for business to use for communication within teams and colleagues. It is very similar to other group messaging platforms such as Slack, but it has the added benefit of being linked to a user’s Facebook account. The application supports live video feed, encouraging video presentations through corporate groups. Some other useful tools are the calendar and meeting functions within messenger, which ensure that schedule over-laps will not happen. The app launched as a digital app and works on desktop as well, just as Facebook does.

Since October 2016, Facebook has been working on some new updates to add to Workplace. It is different than many other competing services in the way of its pricing model. Companies will be charged based on the number of monthly active users. This means a cost of $3 for the first 1,000 users, plus $2 for the next 1,001-10,000, and $1 for everything above that. In comparison, Slack’s fee is broken into two tiers, starting at $8/month and increasing to $15 based on organization size. With Workplace, companies will only be paying for their active users, which means it is more of a pay-per-use model versus a flat rate.

Today, Facebook announced that screen sharing would be added to the mobile and desktop versions of Workplace for the chat app. This is an update that many users had been requesting over the course of the last year. This has been a much-wanted feature due to the lack in quality of the other video chat and screen sharing options, such as Skype. Facebook is clearly evolving from text communication to more visual communication with this addition. A user’s full screen can be shared, or simply one application they are running. Oftentimes, employees will have multiple tabs and windows open at work on their computer, and sharing everything they have on the go with a client or customer may not be the most secure. This is a huge safety concern that Workplace is aiming to avoid.

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