Facebook Messenger Facilitates Communication for Businesses

Posted on: Friday, December 1, 2017

You may have noticed that lately on Facebook, when you search a company or business and are brought to their page, a new chat box will open between yourself and the business. There will often be a message letting the individual know that they can use the chat box to ask any questions they may have. Most business pages will now also show some data relating to their messaging, such as the average message response time. This can be very helpful to users looking for a quick answer to a question they have, where they were not able to find the information elsewhere. This could be as simple as, “What are your store hours today?” or even “Do you have this specific product in store right now?”.

Here are some of the common things you can see on each business page:


Facebook made an announcement discussing that it would be increasing the functionality and availability of this chat service. Individuals will now be able to communicate with a company both through Facebook messenger, as well as the company’s actual website through whatever chat function is available there. People who choose to interact with this service will be most likely speaking too a customer service representative who is able to answer any questions, comments, or concerns someone has. The big improvement is that the conversations will now be synced between the website and Facebook, making the communication lines more open. This will be done through automatic saving of the conversation history and transfer between platforms, so you are able to pick up right where you left off.

Watch for the beta and final version to be released!

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