Facebook Launches “M”: An AI Tool in Messenger

Posted on: Wednesday, April 12, 2017

After approximately two years in Beta testing, M Suggestions on Facebook has launched in the United States. Facebook users are now able to receive suggestions and shortcuts from the artificial intelligence assistant available in Facebook Messenger.


Suggestions from M work through messenger, as it intervenes within ongoing conversations to provide recommendations and shortcuts, thus highlighting all of the features within Messenger. For example, if a friend states over Messenger that you owe them amount of money, M will suggest utilizing Facebook’s payment feature. Additionally, if you and a friend are planning a get together, M will assist in planning and providing reminders. M will also suggest sharing location when necessary, ride sharing options, GIF replacements and timed reminders, just to name a few.

Facebook’s new time-saving feature works through AI machine learning techniques in hopes of making Facebook Messenger a more common means of communication. M also encourages users to take advantage of Messenger’s hidden features that aren’t necessarily known by every Facebook user.

Despite the fact that M has only been launched to iOS and Android users in the United States, users in other countries should be expecting to see this feature coming to their Facebook Messenger eventually, as Facebook stated.

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