Essential Tips for Social Media Marketing

Posted on: Friday, May 5, 2017

Most businesses are now aware of the importance and benefits of digital marketing; however, many are still left wondering the ins-and-outs of social media strategies. To assist with social media marketing, below are some tips and tricks to create successful campaigns. Additionally, if you’re still wondering how your business can benefit from digital marketing, check out this post here.


1. Utilize Social Media Platforms Relevant to Your Business

When devising a social media strategy, make sure you’re selecting platforms that will help your business excel and reach your target audience. From there, you can leverage other media when interacting with customers or posting content. In turn, this will increase your business’ search engine prevalence.

2. Respond and Interact with the Target Audience and Customers

Responding to customer complaints, praises and questions via social media is an excellent way to display your business’ desire to satisfy customers. Some businesses take a very formal approach when interacting with customers over social media, but it never hurts to add a GIF for example, to show your company’s personality and increase the likelihood of the customer sharing your post.

3. Use an Analytics Platform 

Tracking the success of your social media campaigns can be difficult. However, using varying analytical platforms can help solve that issue and enable you to drill down on your social media performances. Analytical platforms can help decipher your following, popular posts, and what the best times are for content to be posted.

4. Link Content to Videos

Let’s face it, viewers are instantly drawn to videos, rather than lengthy content. Link a video to your post to direct viewers to the desired content. In turn, doing so will help direct a larger audience to your website and increase traffic.

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