Google Feed Update Allows Users to Follow Interests

Posted on: Friday, July 21, 2017

Just two days ago, Google retired Google Now and introduced Google Feed instead! Although, quite similar, Google Now received a bit of a makeover to better suit users needs, which is why Google Feed was introduced.

Google Feed was introduced to its Google app in December, but had very simple functions. However, as it replaces Google Now, it focuses on displaying information the knowledge graph has developed for each user. Additionally, Google will pull information from the topics/people the user follows and from their Google search and web history. However, users are able to unfollow certain topics as well, so users don’t have to worry about all their uncommon searches popping up all the time.


Currently, Google Feed is available on the Google app on both, Android and iOS devices for users in the United States. According to TechCrunch, soon mobile and desktop web users around the globe will see the feed as well. Now Offers Scheduling Feature for Posts

Posted on: Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Just last week, released a much needed update to assist users struggling to keep up with multiple social media accounts.

For several years, offered the option of sharing your published posts onto various social media accounts, including Twitter and Facebook, by manually clicking the logo icons for each social media site. Although this feature was handy, it was essentially as time consuming as sharing the link on each individual site manually. Thus, many users installed plug-ins to help share blog posts efficiently at a scheduled time. However, with the new update, users can now schedule tweets and other social media posts.

The new update will be extremely beneficial for businesses and bloggers, in which posting on a consistent and timely schedule is crucial. Additionally, the new Advanced Social Media feature is available for Business and Premium plan users. Not only are the posts automatically shared at the set times the user has chosen, but users can also preview the social media posts before sharing them to ensure it meets their requirements before reaching their following.

Google Releases Backup and Sync

Posted on: Friday, July 14, 2017

On July 12th, Google launched Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive.

As most of us are guilty of having all of our files saved in various places, this tool assists users in keeping their files in a single location.  Backup and Sync is an application for both, Mac and PC that backs up the files and photos reliably and simply in Google Drive and Google Photos. Additionally, the back up tool is replacing the pre-existing Google Photos Desktop Uploader and Drive applications that were available on Mac and PC.  As seen in the picture, users log in to their Google account and select the files that they want to be continuously backed up onto Google Drive.


Additionally, this tool can be used to backup photos from devices connected via USB, such as cameras and SD cards. In turn, the synced files can be found in Google Drive from any device, including computers, phones and iPads.

Although Google’s newest offering is free to download at the moment, Google encourages businesses and enterprises to wait for an updated version rolling out soon, that will be tailored to enterprises needs.

Microsoft Launches Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Posted on: Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Microsoft has launched their latest tools for small businesses, which includes, email marketing and invoicing.

downloadThe software giant launched these new offerings at Microsoft’s Inspire event, in hopes of assisting start-up companies and small businesses grow quickly.  The three tools are: Microsoft Connections, Microsoft listings and Microsoft Invoicing. All of which will be available within the Microsoft’s Office 365 First Release Program free of cost.

Microsoft Connections 

This tool will allow businesses to make email marketing campaigns on the web, iOS or on an Android. According to Microsoft, numerous templates will be available to chose from, making email marketing that much easier. Additionally, Microsoft Connections will allow users to track and manage subscribers, as well as analyze and measure the performance analytics.

Microsoft Listings

As social media has become a key part of every business, Microsoft has added a tool to assist in monitoring business listings. Microsoft Listings allows businesses to manage their listings on Facebook, Google, Bing and Yelp, as well as monitor online reviews.

Microsoft Invoicing

This feature allows users to easily create invoices and estimates. This tool is also appealing to business owners as they can connect their accounting software to the invoicing tool via QuickBooks. Furthermore, the tool is integrated with PayPal, so the business can easily take online payments from customers.

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