1Password Releases New Password Security Tool

Posted on: Friday, February 23, 2018

Creating passwords has become more of a complicated task. As most of you have experienced, passwords now require a number, upper case letter, symbol and so on. However, with the ever-prevalent problem of computer hacking, how are we to know if these passwords are in fact secure?

There are many different password management tools, as discussed in our previous blog. However, 1Password, password management tool, has released new software that allows users to create a completely original password. The new application integrates a new database called, “Pwned Passwords”. This database provides users with the ability to check if their chosen password has already been breached onto the internet.

How does it work? According to Pwned Passwords creator, Troy Hunt’s blog post, the database has over 500 million passwords that have been compromised. However, this does not mean that Hunt has access to each password that is tested by the user. The Verge reported that the password management tool is secure, as the password is hashed and sends only the first 5 characters of the 40 character assortment.  From there, any passwords from the Pwned Passwords database that contains the same first five characters, are then flagged. However, it should be noted that Hunt stated that you should never enter your current passwords into any password management tools.

The password checking system is available for 1Password members.

Google’s Data Coverage Plan Available in More Countries

Posted on: Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Most Android advocates have heard about Project Fi from Google. However, to all Apple users and other tech lovers that haven’t heard of Project Fi yet, you may want to take a look!

According to Google’s website, Project Fi is essentially a phone carrier from Google that aims to provide the lowest costs available for local and international phone plans. Google partnered with various companies to create new technology that enables Project Fi users to utilize the most efficient network, whether that’s Wi-Fi or one of the three 4G LTE networks.

Rather than having hidden costs like other phone carriers, project Fi has upfront rates, including:

– $20/month for calls and text messages

– $10/gb of data

These costs remain the same no matter where you are, meaning Canadian users will be charged the same amount they pay back home despite using their phone on a trip in Belize.

According to TechCrunch, just last week, Google made an exciting announcement in regards to Project Fi, stating that the phone carrier will now have data coverage in 170 countries. Google even has an application on their website to check if the country you’re travelling to is one of the 170 included in Project Fi’s coverage.

Additionally, Google announced a Project Fi bill protection, which allows users to pay a $60/month fee for data and nothing more. Once the user’s bill reaches $6o for data, the bill is capped and users can still enjoy using data.

Let us know if your a Project Fi user and if you’re enjoying it!

Our Key to Customer Satisfaction

Posted on: Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Terabit.ca has recognized the need for innovative online business solutions and our mission is to deliver quality through agile and high performing website development. However, what is it that we actually do that differentiates us from other web development companies?

Mainly, Terabit.ca consists of a small, diverse team. Our team is client-focused and fosters important relationships to ensure customer satisfaction. This client-based approach is implemented through our agile web development process. Agile is a word that is tossed around, but what does it actually mean? Well, to put it simply, the dictionary defines agile as, “relating to or denoting a method of project management, used especially for software development, that is characterized by the division of tasks into short phases of work and frequent reassessment and adaptation of plans”.

Essentially, we aim to keep an open communication line with our clients through every step of the development process. To deliver the best results possible, we ensure our client’s input is heard throughout the whole process, rather than just at the end. If our clients are satisfied and happy with every aspect of their project, then we know we have done our job!

Check out this quick summary of our agile web development process!


Google Gears Up for the 2018 Winter Olympics

Posted on: Friday, February 9, 2018

Today, February 9th, marks the beginning of the 2018 winter Olympics in PyeongChang. As the world comes together to cheer on athletes during this exciting time, Google has reported on their blog that they have implemented six varying ways to ensure Olympic enthusiasts never miss a beat

Firstly, when a search term incorporates key words relating to the olympics, an abundance of information on the events will appear, ranging from medal counts to athlete bios. In addition, users can view videos that provide a brief synopsis of the day in PyeongChang. Google will be using the user’s location to provide accurate results on the country they’re situated in.

Furthermore, the search engine will be featuring YouTube videos, so viewers can experience all the exciting moments in the winter games, incase they happened to miss them on television. These video highlights will be available on YouTube in over 80 countries, provided by official Olympic broadcasters, such as NBC, BBC and Eurosport.

Another Olympic feature includes the integration of a “sports” feature on Google Earth Voyager, providing users with an educational experience. This aspect features five different Olympic stories that bring you from destination to destination. In addition, Google Street View now presents pictures of the stadiums and nearby towns in PyeongChang.

Google didn’t stop there, however. More exciting features include help from Google Assistant, as the smart device will be ready to answer all questions relating to the 2018 Olympics. Lastly, virtual reality coverage is available for YouTube TV subscribers. To do so, users can simply log into their YouTube TV information to enter the NBC Sports VR App.

Will you be keeping up date with the Olympics using these new Google features?

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