Web Developer and Designer Essentials: How to Boost Productivity

Posted on: Tuesday, May 1, 2018

A day in the life of a web developer and designer is busy, meticulous and quite long. Whether you work in an office or remotely, I’m sure there are some things you cannot leave the house without. Check out 5 of Terabit’s essentials for productivity.

1. Ergonomic Chair

I’m sure many who work office jobs can agree that when you’re spending all day at your desk, comfort is KEY! Web developers and designers are notorious for working long, gruelling hours to ensure clients are satisfied and projects are completed in time. Between staring at computer screens and sitting for long periods of time, a comfortable and supportive chair is crucial for success and comfort. Although, ergonomic desk chairs may cost more than anticipated, spending a little extra is well worth it for the increase in productivity and comfortability.

2. Dual Monitors

Developers and designers are no strangers to multi-tasking and often have quite a lot to take in. Thus, many developers enjoy having multiple monitors to enhance work productivity and efficiency. The dual monitors are excellent for multi-tasking, as the screens directly beside each other allow you to compare and contrast screens and closely edit, seeing as the work is so detailed and intricate.

3. Headphones

Whether it’s white noise, instrumental, hard rock or a podcast, throwing on your favourite playlist can act as a great mood and energy booster. It’s personal preference, but often headphones provide a shield to any external noises, such as office chatter, and helps keep you on track. If you find yourself getting distracted by conversations going on around you, then perhaps noise cancelling headphones are a good option.

4. Coffee

Of course, coffee! Perhaps this applies to everyone, not just web developers. Nonetheless, coffee is essential for a successful day. When a project deadline is fast approaching, web developers and designers may not being getting much sleep – queue coffee! Having a nice coffee machine in the office, such as a Nespresso or Keurig is a great option so employees can quickly get their caffeine fix.

5. Slack

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again… Slack! With over 9 million weekly users, Slack is one of the most popular internal communications platforms for businesses, especially for remote teams. Slack is not only handy for tech industries where many employees work remotely, but it’s also great for employees that are sitting in the same office. There is nothing worse than someone interrupting your train of thought when you’re in the zone. Thus, if it is not urgent, Slack can be used to just send a quick message to the correct person.

Understanding Data Analytics

Posted on: Tuesday, September 26, 2017

With so much of a company’s marketing and customer base accessing them through online sources, data analytics are a major trend that has been picking up speed for quite some time. Now, where do we even start with the phenomenon that is data analytics? Let us first define what it is. Data analytics is the process of extracting, manipulating, and categorizing data in order to determine trends and patterns that will hopefully enable a business to increase productivity and overall business strategies. One of the most common examples of data analytics is a business using their social media website to track the flow of clicks, likes, views, and comments on their posts, etc. With the data, the business is better equipped to understand it’s website traffic, and therefore can make better decisions regarding their post content, times, etc.

Sometimes, it is all too easy for companies (especially up and coming ones) to want to gather a massive amount of data so they have absolutely all angles and sources to work with when the analysis is to be completed. What many businesses are not doing is a pre-data analytics analysis – meaning they do not actually know what they waant to get out of the analysis, or what aspects they want to analyze.

You may have heard before that planning is one of the most crucial functions in any business, and this is no exception. A company must come up with what criteria and standards it wants to measure. If this is not done, the opportunity cost of gathering the data may be more than the overall results of the analytics. How so? Well, if they amount of time and money put into creating the analytics is greater than the value of the output result, then the entire process may not have been worthwhile.

When planning is done successfully, companies can benefit from product improvements, lower costs, and higher quality decision making processes.

Why Should Your Website Be Mobile Friendly?

Posted on: Thursday, October 6, 2016

With the constantly evolving world of technology, more and more people have been using their mobile devices for business use. This trend is only rising, so if your website isn’t mobile friendly yet, you should definitely consider making the change.

Personally, I find it super irritating when I have to use my fingers to zoom in and look around a webpage, especially when I am trying to click on something. A responsive web design means that your website is optimized to be used and viewed on various mobile devices without any additional actions on the part of the viewer to see or interact with the page. Take a look at our website for example; the picture above is what someone viewing on their phone will see, and on the below is the view from a computer.



In addition to looking better and providing easier usability, there are some other reasons why you should consider making your website mobile friendly if it isn’t already which are provided below.


The Difference Between a Web Designer and Web Developer

Posted on: Monday, August 15, 2016

Many people think that web designers and web developers do the same thing, but in fact the jobs are very different.

Whether you are looking to become a web designer/developer or looking to hire one, it is important to understand that they are two different professions.


Web Designers

A web designer is primarily responsible for how a site looks and feels, as well as how it functions (navigation, usability, etc.) They focus on the front-end of the site, which is what the public sees. They use programs like Photoshop to create wireframes, then hand them off to the developers so they can code the site.

Web Developers

Web development begins with on key thing; code. They are familiar and experienced with many different computer languages used to build websites. For example, Javascript is a language that is used for the browser, whereas PHP is a common language used to build the server.

There are two different types of web developers: front-end and back-end. Front-end developers take the visuals created by the designer and use code to physically build the site. They focus on the efficiency of the website and ensure everything runs as intended. Back-end developers focus on how more complex aspects of a site work,  such as functionalities like e-commerce shopping and interactions with databases.

The Confusion

Web design and development often intersect, as many professionals do both. For example, many designers are learning basic coding languages such as HTML and CSS, so that they can code the basic aspects of the website themselves, often using popular frameworks such as Bootstrap, or Zurb Foundation and then they hand off the finished design to a developer to add any functionality that is needed.

If you are looking to hire a designer or developer, it is important to understand these differences. If you are looking for a basic website, hiring a web designer or front-end developer will be beneficial, and are less likely to cost as much. Back-end development projects however, tend to be more pricey, as it is the more involved than web design.



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