Amazon Reveals AmazonFresh Pickup

Posted on: Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A few months a go, Terabit reported Amazon’s new venture, Amazon Go.  Consequently, after technicality issues, the major tech company was forced to push back the public opening date. However, one day later Amazon revealed a new bricks-and-mortar endeavour, AmazonFresh Pickup, which was launched in beta testing on Tuesday.  The company previously tested Amazon Fresh in 2007, but faced some difficulties. Due to the face that it was a delivery service, extra costs were incurred and too pricey for some consumers.

With AmazonFresh, customers pre-order their groceries, drive to receive them and then the groceries are placed in the trunk by an employee.  Customers simply select their groceries on the AmazonFresh website, which offers a wide variety of items.  Then, customers can choose their pickup time, with 15 minutes being the minimum.

Currently, AmazonFresh is limited to employee usage, but once it is no longer in beta, it will be available to Amazon Prime members.  Amazon Prime is $99.00 a year, however AmazonFresh Pickup has no extra costs incurred.  Additionally, AmazonFresh currently has two stores, which are located in Seattle, so although all Amazon Prime members will be given access to the time-saving feature, only customers near a pickup location will participate.

Evidently, Amazon has been working on this venture for quite some time now and have most likely resolved issues that have arisen.  In turn, this may result in Amazon’s most successful grocery delivery service yet, enabling the company to compete with other similar services offered by varying stores, such as Wal-Mart.

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