Google Launches Mobile Sites Certification Program

Posted on: Friday, April 7, 2017

On April 3rd, 2017, Google launched a certification program for mobile site developers. The certification requires passing an examination and allows developers to be accredited for their services and knowledge regarding mobile site design.  This new program is an addition to the Google Partnership Program, which also includes an examination and certification of Google AdWords. Thus, in order to complete the process and gain the certification, a Google Partnership membership is required.

Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 4.17.04 PM

Google exclaims on their website that the examination mainly covers topics including;

  • Value proposition of mobile websites
  • How to improve mobile website speed
  • How to create an effective user experience for mobile websites
  • Introduction to advanced web technologies

 The Google Sites examination does not include any material regarding iOS or Android mobile operating systems, rather, it covers Google accelerated webpages. Nevertheless, the accreditation still provides developers with a certification and badge stating Google recognizes them as an expert in mobile sites development.

Why Should Your Website Be Mobile Friendly?

Posted on: Thursday, October 6, 2016

With the constantly evolving world of technology, more and more people have been using their mobile devices for business use. This trend is only rising, so if your website isn’t mobile friendly yet, you should definitely consider making the change.

Personally, I find it super irritating when I have to use my fingers to zoom in and look around a webpage, especially when I am trying to click on something. A responsive web design means that your website is optimized to be used and viewed on various mobile devices without any additional actions on the part of the viewer to see or interact with the page. Take a look at our website for example; the picture above is what someone viewing on their phone will see, and on the below is the view from a computer.



In addition to looking better and providing easier usability, there are some other reasons why you should consider making your website mobile friendly if it isn’t already which are provided below.


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