An Uber Update

Posted on: Thursday, October 26, 2017

If you are a frequent Uber user like myself, you may have noticed the latest update that was added to the app yesterday. The app now allows users to input multiple stops along the way of their destination, for more efficient trips.

From past experiences and conversations with various Uber drivers, this should be a big improvement for the system. Before, if multiple people were riding in the Uber and each wanted to go to a different location, there were a few options. Riders were able to change the end destination of their trip while in the Uber, once getting close to the original destination. The driver would accept or reject the change, and the rider would be charged an additional fee for the new location. Another option would be to let your driver know that you are picking someone else up at one location, and set that as the final destination. While doing this, you would have the person waiting to be picked up call an Uber as the primary rider approached them. This is most definitely not a foolproof tactic and often did not work. These were the only options available to users if meeting in one place for all riders was not possible.

Uber drivers need to pay very close attention to their rating, which can be up to 5 stars. Rejecting or missing calls negatively affects a drivers rating, and confirming pick-ups has a positive impact. This app feature will make things much smoother for drivers and riders alike. The best part is that users will still be able to change the route or add/delete stops while driving.

So how does it work? Everything is the same as usual, except now when you hit the ‘Where to?’ button at the top of the screen, you can see a plus sign beside the end destination. The app will automatically input ‘Current Location’ as the pick-up point. Up to three additional stops can be added to the ride. At the bottom of the screen, there is a courtesy comment asking that users ‘Please keep stops to 3 minutes or less’. This will ensure drivers are not wasting time and idling waiting for a drop-off or pick-up to finish. It also states that stops occurring for longer than 3 minutes may cause an additional fee to be charged or the initial fare to change.

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