5 Useful Digital Marketing Tools for Small Businesses

Posted on: Friday, February 2, 2018

By now, just about every business has noticed the necessity of online advertising and digital marketing – it has become the new trend and expectation. However, for many small businesses, taking the time to learn different online marketing tools and skills can be quite challenging. From graphic design to advertising analytics, the subsequent list highlights useful applications to make online marketing that much simpler!

1.Web Analytics

Measuring website traffic and reach is quite difficult with the amount of  online advertising platforms. Google Analytics is a frequently praised platform that helps track and report website traffic information. If you’re wanting to know information, such as number of visitors or how visitors found your site, Google Analytics is your go-to! Did I mention it’s free?

2.Graphic Design

Graphic design is not everyone’s speciality, but luckily there are some great apps and tools to make basic graphic design simple.  Canva is an excellent design tool that can be used on your computer, laptop or mobile device. Canva uses a drag-and- drop format, which makes it quite simple to create original designs and graphics. Whether you want to use a template or import your own images, Canva has it covered.

3.Social Media Management 

Hootsuite is an excellent tool if you’re struggling to post frequently and address a large following. It is a social media management platform that keeps track of various accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, not only does Hootsuite allow you to respond efficiently to your consumers, but it also presents the opportunity to pre-schedule posts across social media platforms.

4.News Source

Part of gaining a large web presence, is providing knowledge on topics that your demographic finds interesting. It can be difficult finding reliable news sources pertaining to a certain subject. Flipboard is a useful news app that pulls articles from varying news sources, which are then placed into different categories for users to skim through. Articles can be saved for later, making it that much easier to find more information regarding specific subjects.

5. Stockphotos 

Whether you’re searching for an image to use on a blog post or to use within the home page of your business’ website, you may run into royalty fees or sourcing issues. Burst by Shopify provides royalty free images for anyone to use without any fees. The images are generously submitted by aspiring photographers and are definitely worth checking out!

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