4 Tips for Working at Home

Posted on: Friday, March 31, 2017

If you’re anything like me, by this time of year I notice a common trend: loss of motivation. This could be attributed to the weather or business of the year; nevertheless, it’s helpful to discover new ways to maintain motivation and productivity.  Furthermore, working at home and flexible schedules have become increasingly popular.  The question is, how do you remain motivated while working alone from home? Below are some useful tricks and tips to successfully work from home.

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1. Set a Schedule

While working at home is desirable because of the flexibility, setting a daily schedule is a great idea to ensure productivity.  Without a set schedule, it becomes difficult separating your work life from your personal life.  As tempting as it is to check your emails and continuously work on your tasks all day, it is not productive or beneficial. By defining a set schedule, you can determine precisely when to work and when to take a break. Additionally, this schedule can vary each day to suit your needs.

2. Change of Scenery

While this may seem counterproductive, leaving your work station is one of the most beneficial tools for working at home. Whether you go for a walk, workout or grab a coffee, a change of scenery is wise in order to maintain productivity.  Also, try working in various locations to boost your motivation.

3. Get Dressed

It’s tempting to stay in your pyjamas and slippers, after all it’s just you in the office. However, this doesn’t always result in productivity.  Instead, try getting dressed and ready for your day, every morning before you begin your work. Getting into this routine will allow you to feel fully revitalized and ready for a day of work, similar to if you were going to the office.

4. Create a Daily Plan 

It may seem as though you have all the time in the world when you’re working at home.  However, you will shortly find that is not the case and the days do in fact, fly by.  To ensure you complete all desired and necessary tasks, utilize a daily planner. Daily planners help track your work, set a schedule and also aid in separating work and your personal life.

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