Cloud Storage Part I

Posted on: Friday, September 14, 2018

A Cloud storage is a system that allows you to store data such as your songs, videos, applications or codes on the cloud(internet).  The idea is very similar to your physical storage devices such as USB storage but information save on the cloud can be accessed from any device as long as the device is connected to the internet.

In a nutshell, a cloud storage needs just one data server connected to the internet. A user who has subscribed to a cloud storage service send the data to the cloud, then the client can view, edit, remove or manipulate the data from anywhere using the web-based interface. A simple example could be Google Docs.  You can create a new document in the Google drive in Ottawa using your home computer, then you should be able to access the data from another computer when you travel to Montreal.

Many big organizations and individual are quickly replacing physical storage system with cloud storage as it is easy to access their data as well as it is a much convenient way to collaborate on a project with other people who works in the same office or remotely.

The advantage of using Cloud storage compare to physical storage:

  1. Employees can work from anywhere
  2. Accessibility
  3. Enhanced Security
  4. Cost Saving
  5. Increase collaboration
  6. Disaster recovery

The disadvantage of cloud storage:

  1. No physical access to the data
  2. Internet connection  is required to access your data
  3. Dependency on the network connection
  4. Less control on the pricing of the storage
  5. Bandwidth limitation can slow data transfer to or from the cloud
  6. Although the cloud system is secure, a hacker can still manage to find a way to attack and pose a security risk

The best five cloud storage provides in 2018 according to techRadar are:

  1. DropBox
  2. Google Drive
  3. Mega
  4. OneDrive
  5. iCloud

In the next segment of this Bolg, we will discuss which companies are the main cloud storage provider and introduce the key cloud storage specs.

In general, cloud storage allows small and big companies to off-load the hassle and cost of IT management. It has many advantages of moving from the traditional physical storage to a more centralized storage. As with any technology, cloud storage has its own drawbacks.  Hence, before moving your sensitive information to the cloud you should do a research which cloud service meets your requirement.

Updates From Google

Posted on: Tuesday, August 21, 2018

With so many announcements and updates, it’s nearly impossible to stay up to date with Google. Recently, the tech giant has been releasing numerous alterations to existing products and services, so let’s get caught up and take a look at some of the exciting changes.

Google Fit Redesign

The first and perhaps most major is the full redesign of Google Fit. According to a blog post by Margaret Hollendoner, Google Fit’s Head of Product, the company worked with the American Health Association and the World Health Organization to gain more accurate fitness and health knowledge, which is reflected in the app.

The redesign is based on the tracking of two goals – moving and activities that increase your heart rate, which are incentivized by “Move Minutes” and “Heart Points,” respectively. You will receive a point for each minute of moderate activity, while activities that increase heart rate earn double the points. Google Fit will track your movement through the sensors on your phone or through your smart watch to determine your activity levels. The new Google Fit redesign will be available for Android and Wear OS users.


Photo Source: 9To5Google

Unsend Emails

The Undo Send feature on Gmail is undoubtedly a lifesaver. However, up until now, Gmail users were only able to unsend emails on desktop and Google’s inbox app. According to The Verge, the feature will be coming soon on the official Android version of Gmail. As Android Authority reported, within 10 seconds of sending an email users will be able to “cancel” it, but if that isn’t enough time you will receive the notification that says “sent” with an option to “undo”.  Although the recipient will be able to see that there is a message in their inbox if you press “undo”, the good news is they won’t be able to open it – phew!

Google News

Lastly, Google is aiming to bring a little joy to our lives, by informing us on the good things going on in the world. As Google’ Creative Producer of the Creative Lab, Ryan Burke, stated in the official blog post, we are consuming an incredible amount of news, but we often forget to look at the good news and the issues that are being resolved. Hence why Google has stepped in. Starting today, Assistant users in the United States can ask their Google device to tell them something “good” and receive an update regarding the good going on in the world.

Check out the video to learn more:

Source: Google

Careers at

Posted on: Friday, August 17, 2018 is currently hiring a Marketing Specialist to join the team. More information on the position can be found here, however, here’s a quick run down of what the Marketing Specialist will be responsible for:

  • Increasing Terabit’s social media presence and following through organic posts on various platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and a company blog
  • Developing, executing and monitoring pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns on Google Ads
  • Seeking and attending networking events on behalf of
  • Analyzing key metrics and forecasting trends to determine campaign effectiveness

If you’re interested and qualified for this position, you may be wondering why So, we wanted to share with you what you can expect when working with our innovative and dynamic team!

4 Apps to Improve Your Productivity

Posted on: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

It’s hard to believe it is already the middle of August, but as summer winds down, it’s difficult not to think of the giant to-do list ahead. Whether you’re taking your vacation in August, working or getting ready to head back to school in September, getting an early start on your to-do list may give you an organizational edge.

Take a look at these 4 apps to help enhance your productivity and stay on top of your daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

1. Google Keep

First up is Google Keep, an app available on iOS, Android and Chrome. If you’re someone who prefers an abundance of features and visually appealing productivity apps, this is the one for you.

Google Keep offers a range of ways to organize your ideas, thoughts and tasks, including:

  • Notes
  • Lists
  • Place reminders
  • Collaborators
  • Photos/drawings
  • Voice commands to take notes and add to-do list

2. The Todoist

Rated as number one in last year’s Terabit’s back to school blog post, Todoist allows users to keep track of tasks and projects. It is great for those who simply require a distraction-free design, although that’s not to say Todoist doesn’t have many features. You can use many of the features for free, such as creating, organizing and collaborating on tasks, as well as setting deadlines. However, to go beyond the basics, you must get premium, which is C$39 per year. With premium you receive greater control with the ability to set task reminders, customize templates and personalize task views. Todist is available on just about every device imaginable and is offered as a browser extension. Check it out here.

3. Remember the Milk

Next up is Remember the Milk, an app suited for the busiest of times. This app has been around for quite some time, thus it has seen numerous updates to keep up with consumers needs. Some of it’s main perks include the ability to create subtasks, which contain reminders, priority levels and due dates. From there, the app will create Smart Lists, which are based on the features mentioned. Similar to many of its competitors, Remember the Milk offers an attractive free version, however, users must pay C$39.99 per year for the pro version that incorporates more features.

Photo Source: Remember the Milk Blog

4. Picniic

Last, but not least is Picniic, an organizational app perfect for families that has received much praise. Picniic allows for families to collaborate in one space (an app) to create to-do lists, shopping lists, as well as share photos and events on calendars. The app is available on desktop & tablet, as well as iOS and Android. Picniic states almost all of the features are available for free. However, with Picniic Premium, users can access that much more. The app is available for free or C$49.99 per month.

Photo Source: Picniic

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